Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday Love

"Always do your best. The agreement that makes everything possible. You are alive and changing all the time, so your best is always changing. It will depend on whether you're physically tired, or refreshed. However you are feeling, give 100% at that moment. Do, take action, as you practice this agreement, your best will get better, and your life will change".

Always do your best is one of four agreements we can live by. The Four Agreements is one of my favourite inspirational books.  Written by Don Miguel Ruiz. It is simple. Powerful.
Life changing.

I will be sure to post the other 3 agreements

And in other news...

above: my dear friends Reaz, Amanda, Tara, Joe

Tonight I am going to KIRTAN with Bhakti Connection at Rama Lotus Yoga Centre

Kirtan to me is a "vibrational yoga" . A call and response chanting that will change you.

It is about 1 hour and is by donation, however no one is turned away.
Connecting with your community is so important.
Little ones running around is magical.
Meeting new like minded folk is bliss.

I feel so blessed because I work across the hall
and will get to listen to the beautiful music and singing until I close up shop and can join in all the amazing-ness that is Kirtan.

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