Thursday, 16 February 2012

Following my bliss...

I'd like to share an exciting side project with you! I recently wrote a review for a Poetry event called "Poetry for the End of the World" - organized by VERSefest ,
an annual Ottawa event celebrating all thing poetry!

I have always loved to write but have always kept it quite private and never even considered it something that could go public (except for this blog of course!) 
As a VERSefest volunteer (usually bartending) I was approached about writing this review and decided to follow my bliss and jump on this opportunity!
Who knows where it could lead?

Here is the link to my review on "Local Tourist Ottawa"

I truly believe saying YES to opportunities is more interesting than NO.  Because I think I would rather do something (and possibly regret it) rather than NOT - and always wondering what would have happened if I did.  And I had so much fun with this that I plan to write more reviews in the future:
the Music scene and the Yoga/Health & Wellness scene.

Life is all about being on that silent search and following all things that make you feel GOOD and avoiding/questioning those things that make you feel BAD. To me, it's as simple as that. Your "emotional guidance system", your gut, your instinct.  Trust it.  It is your higher self, speaking to you, disguised as your emotions.  I do my best to stay in tune with this emotional guidance system, for even the tiniest of decisions.

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