Sunday, 4 March 2012

Treasure Yourself

It is not that we don't have the strength within us...we have more strength than we could possibly imagine..
Most of us fail to see it within ourselves..yet so willingly see it in others..
What if we nurtured ourselves to the point where we discovered and experienced our own greatness?
What if we finally realized that we are limited only by our thoughts and by what we think is or isn't possible for us?
After all , that is the truth...nothing more, nothing less.

It is our thoughts that determine our experiences, not only for ourselves, but of our world and of others...
Too often we fail to see that at any given moment we have a choice to alter our lives, our existence...
Too often we are driven automatically by who we think we are or should be, as opposed to who what we possibly could be..

Sometimes we choose to be angry, ungrateful, resentful and jealous when instead we have the ability to choose to be accepting, forgiving and grateful for all that we have..
Choose (with goodness in your heart) to be brave, courageous, and adventurous in this world and acknowledge all who are being just that, for they have overcome what many have yet to overcome...the fear of knowing who they really are.
Look forward and dream of what's possible for your life...and remember that the only thing limiting you is your thoughts.
Only YOU have the power to change your thoughts.
Alter your thoughts and you alter your world.
Miranda Kerr

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