Monday, 25 June 2012

Keep Calm and...

I have been working extra hard lately on patience ,and staying present and positive these days!  Due to some uncontrollable 'incidents' at my College, my licensing exam(s) have been delayed.  It's looking like I wont be an RMT until late fall...early winter? It's still not completely clear.  I am bummed to not be starting my career as soon as I'd like, but there is much beyond my control here! I've already weighed out some sweet "Pros" like time to save up for the two trips to Toronto I'll be making (to DO the tests) and time to really master what I know :) Basically I'm choosing to keep my glass half full! Here's what I must continue to do daily:
Study at least 2 hours a day to stay fresh!
Give lots of Massages (and get too!)
Yoga Yoga Yoga
15 minute meditations (at least!)
keep our lil' home neat and tidy so as to keep my mind the same!
(which reminds me, our place has been lookin' pretty good these days, must post pics :)
Breathe Breathe and Breathe
Get outside and be with Nature as much as possible
stay nourished and be creative with meal ideas
each night, go over what I am grateful for!

coming soon: breathing exercises :)