Monday, 18 June 2012

My Happy Place...

I just love love love finding inspiration and ideas from the ol' interweb! Here are a few I've been saving up:

bird cage plant holders? Yes please!
Retro book holder
I just love the idea of outdoor kitchens / eating awesome is this?? Dining amongst your herbs?! LOVE!
And lastly, how's this for PARADIASE?! minus the cave part for me ;) I would like this in my backyard please!
Dream BIG I always say.

Oh!  This ought to sweeten up your Monday: Checkout all the local awesomeness that is THE THREE LITTLE BIRDS on our local news station this a.m:

"A Happy Monday to You! And a Blissful Week ahead!"

Me: yesterday, blissed out -  soaking up le soleil whilst playing with pastels :) (ps I apologize if my legs are blinding you, I'm working on evening things out ;)