Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Sigh of all Sighs!

 I've Graduated! It feels so good...woke up this morning feeling as though I'm starting to get my life back again! I feel like a new woman! While I still have the "big board exam" in a month, I'm not feeling all that nervous about it! I am definitely taking the weekend off to relax and celebrate.  I will have to slowly but surely go over my notes on everything but there is a certain pressure that has been lifted.  I can breathe! I feel the winds of change blowing around me and couldn't be happier! What a ride it's been.

The stresses of school was not leaving me much time to truly take care of myself.  So now I am off to Sage Wellness for a detoxing InfraRed Sauna session followed by one hour massage. Sighhhhhhhhhhh....(try it now aloud - feels amazing: "Ahhhh" you can feel any hidden tension melting!) ohh! This reminds me I have some fantastic "breathing exercises" I will share in the very near future!

More time for me = more blissful blogging!

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