Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer of Gratitude

It has been uber warm in Ottawa this Summer, and I've been loving it! (most days anyway;) So while my whole RMT licensing process has been majorly delayed, it is beyond my control, and it honestly couldn't have happened at a sweeter time than june and july! I've given my brain a well deserved major break and it's time to slowly re-introduce all this information! I am officially back in study mode for my AUGUST 9th exam. Blog posting may dwindle some..but I doubt that as I truly feel this is a santuary of motivation and love, I think it's really important to have a blog that you yourself absolutely LOVE to scroll through!  This blog is great and keeping me grounded.  I am constantly finding photos and reading articles that move me, motivate me, etc.  And as I've mentioned before, having this space I so dearly call Verve Evolving and having all that inspires and moves me in ONE glorious space is well, just lovely!  And I so enjoy sharing what I find :)  But I digress! The reason for today's post ? Simply a collection of some of my favourite photos from summer so far, enjoy! 

my favourite pond

Wedding: how to style maiden braids

Lac Lapeche - canoe camping
Foot Henna from my friend Fiona hard to see here but its beauty!

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