Saturday, 22 September 2012

4 Simple Goals (by 2013)

My favourite place to go to get a dose of beautiful inspiration is A Beautiful Mess Blog by Elsie & Emma. This dynamic sister duo (and Co.) have really done an amazing job at (whether or not they know it) setting the most motivational example:
 that loving what you create (and creating what you love ;) plus hard work and determination really can create the most beautiful life.  Things you never dreamt possible - becoming reality!  These gals are continuously setting Goals and get this - accomplishing them!

So one day I came across this post on A Beautiful Mess: 4 Simple Goals (before 2013)

I'm blown away by their productivity.  See the thing is, I'm really great at getting ideas, and writing them down..but putting that energy into action is ...easier said than done sometimes.

"I am doing this!" I announced to myself - but suddenly the thought of setting and actually following through - spooked me a little ."what if I don't? What if I blog about it and STILL don't follow through - how embarrasing!"

Alas, I stopped this self-defeating way of thinking because I'm getting good at recognizing that anxiety that comes with  future uncertanty and possibility. So without further ado...

My 4 Simple Goals before 2013

1. Obtain my RMT (Registered Massage Therapist)License! This will require me passing my final exam in November, (which means time management and study study study - my last hurdle!) and having all required paperwork organized so I can get my license as quickly and efficiently as possible!

2. Continue creating my new career Blog "The Hip Joint" and LAUNCH it the moment I am licensed!

The Hip Joint Blog is where I'll be sending my clients and anyone else who is curious about all things Massage Therapy & Wellness! This is one of the most intimidating for me.

In preparation, I plan on treating myself to a couple of e-courses courtesy of A Beautfiul Mess:
 Dream Job E-course AND Blog Love E-course for that extra inspiration!

3. Apartment Love: Finish painting wall ! I can't even admit to you how LONG this wall has been about an 1/8th  painted this gorgeous orange! Once completed, I can then hang this beautiful local artwork!

And if there is any extra orange paint.....

This wall too!

4. Update my Vision board: this goal will be fun! My vision board is in need of a serious makeover because guess what? Most of has come true! I love a good manifestation don't you?
 We get this this one crazy life - The possibilities are endless!

We live in an attic of an old home, pretty much all the walls are slanty, my vision board lives above me, Every night before bed, I can lay back and stare, dream, and really feel the feelings of these accomplishments before they happen ! : More on vision boards

And there you have it! I will definitely share these accomplishments with you!


  1. I hope you have extra paint for the lr wall, that would be really pretty I think! Also..we could easily make an eve out of this ;)

  2. weehoo..the ball...she's a rollin'! haha....thanks so what are you doing tonight? (just kidding!.....kind of)