Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Flower Crown Love

Flower Crowns - I love em' ! They seem to be everywhere and all summer long I've been meaning to buy the supplies and make my own creation already!

Flashes of Style is one of my new favourite blogs in rotation right now and yesterday Bonnie made my day with her straight-forward DIY Flower Crown Tutorial I love these fall inspired ones...

The second blog I ever read and love to this day is Kelli Murray who has also been rocking her own DIY Crowns.. (first blog I ever read was The Mess in Messenger -thanks for introducing me to the blog world !)

Flower Crowns Year Round !

Although I'm awfully tempted to visit Etsy simply purchase a gorgeous creation by K is for Kani

Must...visit...craft store! When I DO make my own flower crown (or two!) I'll be sure to share!

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