Sunday, 18 November 2012

Home Sweet Home

It feels super duper awesome to be blogging right now (!) For I am HOME after my weekend in Toronto #examofmyLife *results in 2 weeks* stay tuned !

Now that studying is no longer occupying my life, I'm feeling lighter and well, Free!
Free to spend this week doing things like:   

 Visiting my friend's shop Curious for the first time!

Planning the decorations for the Sage Wellness 5 yr Anniversay fandango this weekend coming!
This morning's new found freedom had me searching inspirational photos (it was bliss!)
 *vision board coming soon - like next post soon !*

4 simple goals ! (I haven't started anything heh)

working on a special treasure box for a special someone

RMT licensing prep like police check, photo, yawn..(I mean - exciting!!!)

Upping the self care (I may or may not have been using studying as a justification for skipping yoga, sloppy nutrition, etc.)

and possibly re-piercing my nose!

image courtesy of Free People Blog which I am loving!

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  1. I am so proud of you!! Sending you, my special someone, a special love soon!! Hope you had fun at Irene's. You deserve all the possible happiness in the world.