Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Glorious Moonrockets Debut Music Video

I created this blog to capture my life, ideas, and inspiration all in one space - my wee lil' corner of the internet - full of love.
My love. The music creator and appreciator. It's so inspiring and motivating to share a life with someone who is so passionate about something and has found their true calling. Every day he plays. writes . sings. In fact he's playing in the other room right now! It's cool hearing the process, from jamming, to writing, to a finished song. And then to attend one of his shows and see the finished product with the band. And of course watching the audience rock out and appreciate.
Chris. Dave. Jamie.
The coolest and sweetest (err..I mean hardcore) guys you'll ever meet!
Just a couple dudes crafting, no big deal (of course I had to capture it)
music video prep!

I remember you buying those styrofoam heads at Value Village over a year weren't quite sure what to do with them yet.
And here it is! Their debut Music Video.
"Sharp Ends" by the Glorious Moon Rockets
Baby I'm so proud of you.
Continue following your bliss , you will always have support from me.

(I found the blood to be a little much...maybe it's a girl thing ;)

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