Thursday, 20 December 2012

Our Festive Living Room

I think I've got a case of Christmas spirit!
 This year we're changing things up by driving 6 hours to visit friends (near Barrie, ON)

 Friends of my love he met in Korea (therefore we must take advantage of them being this close) as they are here for Christmas only! I actually haven't met anyone yet but I hear great things so I'm quite excited to step into the unknown with a positive attitude.! I feel like this trip will be a great opportunity for me to practice presence.

We also plan to find a B&B for the 24th&25th! (we should really get on that)

So the livingroom has been looking quite festive!
Going for a Panoramic type thing here...
Have a Listen Whilst Scrolling through my living room ?

this stool just kinda became our xmas tree...we love it! I've been adding ornaments and candycanes!

 we've been having so much fun with our homemade advent
~ think love notes, scavenger hunts, and sweets!
 The DIY Flower -Crowning continues....*holiday inspired  party crown*
wow! now that I think of it all of my decor is from Value Village (and has been supporting my lace fetish as of late)
I just love love love vintage books, owls, and candles, oh and plants!
local ottawa artist Jim Furminger

  Remember the DIY Indoor faux bonfire idea from this post?! I brought it home!
This is in our kitchen

 Orange LED lights, lace, sticks and twigs and rocks oh my!

I just baked for the first time ever (solo) can you believe it?
Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies
Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies
annd I'm watching "It's A Wonderful Life" ...classic!
We leave tomorrow! Squeal!



  1. I simply adore She and Him's Christmas album! It is just so fun! And I really love all the lights around your place, such adorable and festive!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comments ladies!! Can't wait until I have a higher quality ..cameraphone. ;)