Friday, 11 January 2013

DIY LoveFest

DIY Stick Horses

I thought it'd be fun to try and make these DIY stick horses from A Beautiful Mess as the perfect Christmas gifts for the wee nieces (4.5 & 2.5) We thought we better do it this year before they get too big for them! 

 We definitely shouldn't have waited until the day of to create these, but it was fun to try crafting something by hand the girls could enjoy. We weren't sure if we could pull it off, but we did it! And I think all the supplies in total cost under 30$!

And speaking of Christmas (I suppose this qualifies for diy)

DIY "sneaky gift"

A sneaky lil' gift for families like ours who "promise not to get each other anything except a nice card will do as we gather for a lovely meal" we had a blast taking this photobooth shots, then slipping them into homemade Christmas Cards. 

DIY Sharpie Mugs
This is so easy peasy and creative - I've been wanting to try it forever after being inspired by and this post from A Beautiful Mess. And of course I received this gift  recently!
These Mugs are for my friend Conita and her husband!

mug + sharpie art + bake in oven for 30 min at 350 = AWESOME.

Conita is the sweetest most honest chickita you'll ever meet! Conita THANK YOU for your patience !

And one more round for THE Christmas Crowns!

how bout this one? holiday barrette by Tara Porter
And now for some

DIY Sunnies from Flashes of Style aka my flower crown guru

Upcycled Purse from Sincerely Kinsey Blog (also check out her photography - it is just oh so lovely!)

These boots ..just watch!

what a sweet idea, ...hmm..I DO live next door to a vintage shop full of old cowboy boots...


  1. Holy Crafty! The DIY horses are awesome! I was thinking of those for the girls and you are one creative lady. btw we got a van!! Meaning I can come to Ottawa whenever I feel like it now ;)

  2. YES to VAN and YES to Ottawa visits! Sending tons of wellness vibes to you and the entire family...oh, and YES to DIY Stick horses!

  3. Horsies turned out great! Love the scarf hair, it's unique! Like you! x

  4. Oh and I love love love the boots!

  5. I'm so excited to find a pair of boots at Ragtime and do this for the Spring :)