Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Curious Craft Show

On Saturday my love and I went to a neighbourhood craft show, to be more precise: "For the Love of Winter - A Curious Craftshow.  You may remember Curious from  this post. It was a cold and sunny day we got some warm bevvys and began exploring.  It was just the right amount of vendors for us. Lots to explore and lovely local artisans to meet - but also not overwhelming - everything and everyone in one room.  By the time we finished our first lap around, my curiosity (and wallet) were satisfied just in time, for my love gave me that "can we go now" look (heh-love you!)

So....wanna see my loot?

I love rings! I often fantasize about wearing many many rings at once. Must build a collection first! Emily Trees helped with that. What a range of nature inspired art ! It was difficult to (1.) buy just one! and (2!) pick a stone colour! I'm wearing my new ring as I type this - wee!

 Could not resist these adorable animal cards. Actually they're more like card holders, so that the receiver may "pay it forward" the next time they give a card, spreading animal face love all around!...can you dig it? 

 Red Panda ! Friendly Faces cards & crafts - Thank you Adam!

 We met this amazing artist Rich Lauzon. He had an amazing range. With the return of Walking Dead (squeal!) we couldn't NOT get a few collectibles (and of course the Darryl  pin -because well, I love him.)
 So talented yea? You can find Rich's web comic here.

Tea light log holders? Yes please! I'll post more pics soon (with the candles lit!) as I've created a lovely rustic display with them in our living room. They were super affordable and it was a funny moment because my love's back was turned for like, a minute, and when he turned around these logs we being packaged.
Old Stone Moss had plenty of other beautiful creations as well (yummy candles a plenty!) you can check em' out here.

So then I was all " I need something to put my rings in!" Lucky for me a lovely woman was offering clay ring holders yay!
 I chose this blue one because the melted glass looked like a lovely pool of agua :)
 So yea, in conclusion...
we heart you Michelle & Fiona!