Monday, 4 February 2013

Lundi Love

The photos above I feel symbolize how I'm feeling about Lundi thus far:

My love and I had the most lovely morning, "easing into the dawn of a new week", sleeping in, popping  into Bridgehead for a tea and latte, a sunny but shockingly cold  walk to our new (first?) shoe repair guy. We each had these amazing pair of vintage shoes with the soles (souls ;) coming off! You'd never guess it now!
 We warmed up in a spot called "Think Lunch" that has the yummiest veggie chili (yes, breakfast). We sat in the window in the sunshine, chatting and people watching.
Thennnn (yes it gets better!) we stopped into local Art store Wallacks looking for the perfect fresh journals (we each own at least a half dozen journals, for all kinds of things, but there's nothing quite like starting a fresh one yea? We ended up buying them at Staples, because well, I'm not quite ready to justify a $20 journal. And that was all along the same street hehe, Bank st. = HOME. Which I often jokingly refer to as my "Bank St. Bubble"
 And now I'm home defrosting, about to get ready for work :)

Wishing you a Lundi just as Lovely!

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  1. Love that quote : "It's the life in your years." So true! Thanks for sharing this inspiration!