Monday, 11 March 2013

Transitioning and Loving it

We just got tickets for Phosphorescent in Montreal April 16th! An early birthday gift from my love (30th birthday looming!). Have a listen whilst reading my latest?!

Dear Verve Evolving it's been ever so long since we've connected!
 I've been a full time RMT for a solid 10 weeks now and did I ever dive right in!
Blissfully Busy. Adjusting. Physically demanding. Happily exhausted at the end of each day.
To be honest my days consist mostly of Work, Eat, Sleep.Self-Care
However I' haven't been making as much time for self care as I'd like. My body is currently screaming for yoga and a massage. I burn so much energy at work that last thing I want to do is hang around another 2 hours and stay for a yoga class (yoga is in the same building as where I work)
It's an interesting time for me. I'm feeling very transitional, simply 'figuring things out'.
During school I recall being excited to 'go back to who I was' before school. Silly me! Of course after almost 3 years of intense learning and testing, I am not who I was before school. I've evolved. We're always evolving! dancing my way through the journey
remember these leggings? 

So what else has been going on as of late?

Planning a trip out West for September 2013. 
Family and Friend re-connections a plenty!

 Feeling incredibly moved by this story ,the power of human connection, and how words aren't always necessary *happyheartsigh*

MAKING this festival happen in June. (squeeeeeal!)

  Lots of our favourite bands will playing. eeeeeeeee!  WILL MANIFEST THIS.  This will be my first time camping at a music festival - *about time!* It's in NY state - step one: find a way to pay for all this haha Step 2: get new passport! You will definitely be hearing more on Mountain Jam in the coming months. (!!!!!!!)
Falling more and more in love with this man every day! Planning our future.
 I love how our relationship is always inspired. Ever evolving. xoxoxox

As I sit in my favourite coffee shop it is RAINING FOR THE FIRST TIME this year! Spring is FINALLY in the Air in Ottawa! Smiling Strangers, Skateboards, Warmth, Sunglasses, just as many layers but in a cool spring is coming way ;)

With Spring comes re-organizing & Streamlining my Life

Yesterday I met Chrissie at a park before brunch. Leaning against a tree never felt so magical! (my nature cravings have been so strong these days!)

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