Monday, 5 August 2013

Catchup Time

Oh, hello there! I'll start by saying I just cannot believe how fast this summer is flying by!
I've honestly been enjoying this Summer So much! So much so I haven't been blogging (eep?)
but of course I've been capturing so, yea! :
A LOT to catch up on! So. Many. Photos. You the beginning of JUNE I crossed over into the magical world of the iPhone (!) #wherehaveyoubeenallmylife (!) I've been taking a million photos because I've never had a device that made taking photos so easy peasy. I'm allover instagram and the #abeautifulmess app, natch.
For Now, I'd like to share my patented (heh) 'tune and scroll' - bits of June and bits of July - let's go!.
Bits of June 
1. Wild Oat's Hemoglobin Juice, my cheetah wallet, abeautiful mess app love 2. got to see Pater  3. BFFs home in the country - moment with a wood pile 4.a friend's birthday 5. shopped Kelli Murray's closet -got these purple jeans and haven't looked back they are so soft and comfy! 6. peacock on our gorgeous balcony at work 7. RMT life 'in between clients' - have I mentioned the amazing balcony at work? (I am so grateful because we only have a sketchy fire escape at home as far as outdoor space goes.. :) ! photoshoots for work! Herb & Spice wall, those purple jeans! 9.eckhart tolle words of wisdom10.I had  NObangs for like a day- our cozy lil' attic apt 11. making tea tree body butter - so easy ! yes to minimal ingredients!12/13.Fringe Fest 14. had to photogrid  this lovely pinstriped dress -(value village score!) only wore it once because that waist was super tight! also taking advantage of good hair day in my opinion!(and pretty natural light) - this dress is now on consignment at Ragtime Vintage Clothing - fingys crossed!
 15. sweet sweet kitty favourite musical one night with one of my besties. - and another pair of kelli murray pants !17. rainbow shades & abeautiful messin' around.
Bits of July - that heat wave !

 18/19/20 days at the pond 21. my ride 22. Toby. 23. musical manfriend 24/25/26/27. beaches full - grateful for generous friends with pools. 28/29 coping with the heatwave in a delicious way - abeautifulmess app ftw!
Upcoming posts I am so excited to share! :
 MOUNTAIN Jam in June!
Canoe Camping right before Canada Day!
July Bluesfest & Cottage Love!
a very recent visit to Upper Canada Village!
30 day selfie experience
My amazing sister did a TED TALKS!
Also! Life Goals and bits of home!
Some new favourite blogs thanks to Instagram!
That's the plan anyway! Stay tuned!


  1. what a wonderful post, full of so many lovely things! so glad you're enjoying summer so much!

  2. Everything is so colorful! Love that camera obscura video.

  3. I love your blog so much... not that I would say I don't know why, but I do. It's such a happy, awesome, peaceful e-place that feels like cuddles every time I see one of your new posts! That and how are you so gorgeous? for reals.