Sunday, 13 July 2014

36 hours in Key Largo

 tired aiplane selfie (no filter ;)

For my husband's (!still feels weird to say) birthday this year (back in May! forever with the delayed blogging) I surprised him with a whirlwind trip to Key Largo, Florida.  It was a long long winter here and our January getaway felt like forever ago.. when we left it was about 20 degrees C in Ottawa and almost 30 C in Key Largo. So not a crazy difference but I think it was much cooler when I booked the trip.

It was a crazy late night Visa situation. Could I afford it not really - but sometimes you just gotta 'yolo' it am I right?  I found this 'deal' which involved all kinds of flight connections. 
We would fly to Miami, FL and figure out a shuttle bus situation to the Keys - and then stay at this 'affordable 2 star off the highway for (almost) two days. Bayside Inn Key Largo!

So it was a Saturday night and my love had just come home from being out - so he was feeling good and it was about 2AM (we had to leave for our early flight to Miami around 4am and he had no idea yet - so fun right?) He knew I asked him to clear his schedule until tuesday - .He later told me he had assumed we'd be going to the Caves in Gatineau - something nearby - and at one point expressed concern that I was going drag him off to some 'silent yoga retreat' - hah!  He was very cool about everything - he said he was cool with whatever as long as could drink beers and play guitar

So after a complex blind-folded game of 'guess where we're going' we were off on our adventure (we had so much fun but in hindsight: would we do it again? probably not! the travel time was practically equal to the hotel time)  But be sure to checkout the lil' video I made at the end!)

play n' scroll!
 trippy wing

I heart terra cotta roofs - you know you're somewhere warm when

oops! 2 hours until the next Keys shuttle :S

Things I wanna remember:

-our sarcastic and very hard to understand shuttle bus driver
-'Scrappy' - the hotel mascot
 -having the pool pretty much to ourselves all day
-meeting that only other couple at the pool : it was also his birthday and she surprised him too! I snapped an instax of them and gave it to them as a memento :)
-'Snooks' the restaurant next door - known for celebrating the sunset every night - one lucky person gets to 'sound the horn' by pulling a rope 
-that sunset though- there was a feeling in the air, everyone got up and snapped photos of it, of each other, I honestly got overwhelmed with gratitude. 
-that liquor depot that sold everything you could ever imagine - I indulged in a pre-mixed malibu rum drink in a bag (yep - with a faucet!) and a 3pack of cigarellos (a spur of the moment thing - I don't smoke normally!)
-just doing nothing with my love! 
-that crazy flight home : Miami > NYC>TO>OTTAWA

 I am officially obsessed with palm trees - probably because they don't grow where I live and they represent vacation, warmth, beach, etc! I actually got a palm tree tattoo not long ago I will have to share soon :)

let the day drinking begin - happy birthday my love!

 and because y'all are dying to know what I wore ;P
obsessed with that white romper! tennis anyone?


vacation video :)

psst: they may both be playing at the same time: it's the same song as above but you may want to scroll to top and pause the first one (!) enjoy!

ORRRR :open it in a new tab?

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