Monday, 7 July 2014

Canoe Camping !

For the 3rd year in a row - a group of us enjoyed Lac La Peche in Quebec. 
It was the last weekend of June and the weather was seriously perfect!

It's this peninsula we get all to ourselves - and a fairly easy canoe ride in ( I wanna say 5km?)
The tents get pitched in the back and I must admit the mosquitos were relentless but way better out on the 'communal rock' I call it - out of the woods leading into the water -where we spend all our time anyway - fire, chilling, music, swimming! I made a little video you can checkout at the end and get a visual of our sweet surroundings. Still really into making lil' iMovies of basically any getaway :)

 early mornings alone
day drinking and lake dips
food n' food n' food..
naps n' naps n' naps..
no agenda
room to breathe
soak it all in!


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