Sunday, 1 January 2012

Freshly Inspired on this New Years Day...

New Years Day. The greatest excuse to curb habits that give you the guilts and a chance to rediscover all that you desire and are truly capable of, innit?  I've been dipping into the blog world in the last year-super motivating!- and have secretly been craving a creative space of my own. A soft place to fall if you will! Somewhere I can go for a boost of creative energy! Filled with all that makes me happy, inspired, and Motivated! My digital vision board..

(I've become quite obsessed with Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now". I listen to the book on tape version on my way to school every morning. I listen to it over and over and each time I discover new and powerful messages. Powerful, yet Simple.) What I'm getting at is :

I feel it is so important to really LIVE IN THE NOW, Enjoy the Journey, Respect where I'm at, and be Grateful for all that I Have in this beautiful world. I really am so blessed. (Every night before bed I will write in my "Gratefullness Journal" this can include anything from "my strength and health" to things I hope to attain > "thank you for our beautiful home in the country" >which leads me to my next share:

The other night my love and I , we decided to design our dream home and all that it will entail. It's a work in progress, and nothing is "set in stone" (as humans we are constantly changing afterall). So! While I believe it is important to respect and love where I am in this moment...DREAMING is important for growth and the more REAL IT FEELS , I truly believe the more REAL it will BECOME>BE>IS! Here's a glimpse:

Fireplace > and fire pit outside of course!
Wrap-around porch
SUN room
Bay window
earth tones
HUGE garden so we can grow our own fruits n' veggies but also flowers
exposed brick and wood
shag carpeting (dark brown) but also wood floors
warmth! coziness
waterfall why not? indoor and out!
Treeeeees everywhere
a well
a canoe
recording studio (for my love)
an outdoor stage for shows
Massage/Yoga studio
honey pot composting toilet (yep! they're odourless -look into it ;)
Wine Cellar
Solar Panels!
and the beat goes on...!
and most importantly, friends and family, all are welcome...basically.. a hippie commune -!heehee!

 It's amazing what comes out and what you can learn about yourself !
I feel I was largely inspired by The Yoga Garden retreat in Wakefield, QC where I spent 2 glorious nights last summer:

Love and Light and Blessings to all on our Journey through 2012!!

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