Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Must Shares!

I just booked my board exam to become a Registered Massage Therapist! It is in Toronto on June 26th! I am feeling all kinds of emotions - mostly anticipation and excitement! As I've previously mentioned, I created this blog as a "safe haven of inspiration" for myself and of course to share with others looking to add a dash of positivity to their day :) These fantastic quotes below are just what I need to keep me strong, focused, and enthusiastic for the next 3 or so months...
and the rest of my (our) lives!   Always growing always changing..(there is no "final plateau" don'tcha know?)

It's so easy to stay in our comfort zone, but can growth take place there? (Neale Donald Walsch has an amazing book titled "Conversations with God"

Frank Zappa : Always thinking and acting outside the box, the world needs
more Frank Zappas !

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