Saturday, 4 August 2012

Nothing to Fear

I woke up this morning with a lot of anxiety about my big exam in 5 days. I felt nauseous and really on the verge of tears! It's crazy how our thoughts can affect our body! I am so blessed to have such support in my life.  My love Chris knows exactly what to say to help me turn around these feelings, so intense it can pull me into NON-ACTIVITY due to fear of failure.  He reminded my that it's MY anxiety and that I am the only one who can fix it. But also that it's totally normal to feel these feelings as you know, I am human afterall.  Then I went to work, and the other therapists also contributed some pep-talkin' and supportin'.  The expression "nothing to fear but fear itself is making a lot of sense right now! I must continue to move forward and remember:

I know my stuff! I've been studying and being tested for 2 years now! It's just one more time :) A chance to show off what I DO KNOW.

 If I let my nerves take over, I'm really just pushing the answers away from me.

Remember to breathe (my friend Tara said it best : "Anxiety is just excitement without the breath" (bless her!)

Also, ACTION puts fear to rest: like right now I'm working on a lovely ligament chart!

Everything is going to be okay!
And then I get to take the rest of August OFF weeeee!

Thanks for reading :)

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