Wednesday, 3 October 2012

October & November

Oh, Hi October!  So I was thinking, I had a lovely and relaxing July, August, and yep -September! I had the best Saturday at the Harvest Moon Yoga retreat in Wakefield, Quebec.  The sun was shining and the drive up there?! Gorgeous!! I drove up there with Chrissie and Lana  and we giggled the whole way up taking wrong turns and back tracking...the leaves have turned and the air was fresh - Bliss! Special thanks to Chrissie for capturing moments (xo)

this is Yogi Shambunata and he is all kinds of amazing
freestyle dance fest

a walk with Chrissie!
so much love!

I viewed this Yoga retreat as sort of a "last hurrah"
With Fall comes Change and it's time for me to tighten my belt and develop and stick to a set schedule.  My BIG and FINAL test to become a Registered Massage Therapist is November 17th! Time to get my brain and body back into regular studying -science science science - and ethics.

I've just taken on 6 days a week at Sage. But! I don't start until 345pm most days, so I have my precious mornings to:

Study for at least 2-3hrs (take advantage of our last warm days and study at a park)
Have someone over for Massage ! 
*household chores*
work on my new yet-to-be-launched massage therapy blog!
Lunch and make a snack for my Sage shift..

I work until 830 most evenings and I KNOW myself I just don't study well at night so evenings will be more relaxed and will include:

Infrared Sauna (some nights before leaving work)
My love - a late dinner together
Relaxation/meditation/restorative/Yin style Yoga
Reading (non-school books!) or read my fave blogs OR work on my own !

Ideally, this is a how I'd like everyday to be for the next two months!
Pumping up my brain for the final test in Toronto and major SELF CARE - it's so important.

Of course there will be an event here and there but I will be more conscious and choosy with my "play time" 


I added this as a reminder for myself - because but I am a bit intimated about setting this schedule. I can easily become the procrastination queen and spend the morning on facebook, blogs and netflix (ha!- It happens) I guess this is also a reminder to be gentle with myself too, it's all about finding sweet balance. I feel pretty lucky that this is my life :)

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