Friday, 5 October 2012

Trails & Butterflies ~ with wee ones!

Mulvahill Trail in Gatineau

After family brunch a couple Sundays ago, we all drove out to get our nature on in Quebec.
I love spending time with the little nieces, (age 4 and 2), watching them explore and showing them pretty fallen leaves worth collecting.  I find it empowering spending time with little ones. Their energy, their spirit and innocence ...

We definitely want to go back soon as the leaves are even more vibrant now!

Butterfly show

Every once in a while I'm lucky enough to join my friend Stephanie as she cares for little ones full time. This week it was 4 little ones about the age of 2. It was blissfully exhausting yet energizing. How does she do this everyday I'm still processing it ...?!  Steph is the most inspiring mother and caregiver and I will definitely be looking her way for advice when and if I have my own little one(s)!  Until then, these days I cherish.  Thanks Steph!

Steph and Fam

Happy Thanksgiving (Canadians!) I have a lot to be grateful for every single day.  Looking forward to yummy food, friends and family, downtime and probably the last chance for spending the night in a tent!  Until we Yurt it up that is!


  1. Hi :)
    Nice pictures.


  2. Thankyou!!! Your blog is beautiful - Yay Portugal!