Friday, 2 November 2012

Halloween 2012

Reflecting on this year's Halloween. I think this was the first year I didn't buy anything for my costume! DIY all the way! Mind you, my costumes weren't overly elaborate ;)

Friday night - 60's inspired party

 Saturday - last minute dressup

Saturday one of my favourite bands NERO played a Halloween show. My love and I opted to "dress fancy" with sunglasses (as we don't have many opportunities to really get dolled up)
This was one of the only pics from the night which means - we musta had a real good time!

a real good time indeed...


Wednesday - actual Halloween - Nightmare before...Yoga?

On Halloween night I went to my dear friend Tara's Yin class. She told me she was going to dress up (a lumberjack - complete with mustache!) so naturally I couldn't leave her hanging! (and yes, in a class of about 15 students we were the only ones heh) Yin is a gentle class with most postures on the floor held for 3-5 minutes. So not a lot of movement - therefore I kept my homemade Nightmare before Christmas mask on the entire 90minutes. It was hard not giggle for the first little while, imagining how ridiculous I looked in various positions and also trying to take Tara seriously as a lumberjack (she had a hard time too with the giggles!) 

Then I went home, cuddled up with my love and watched a scary movie!
Hope yours was spooktacular too!

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