Monday, 31 December 2012

Dawn of a New Year...

I must say I am just over the moon about all the exciting and new adventures that await in 2013!
It is a fresh beginning and a chance to leave what no longer serves me behind in 2012.
In keeping with our unconventional holiday, we are heading out to the country for a low-key celebration with my bestfriend and her partner. As opposed to staying in the city and party-hopping! I'm excited for a bonfire (if it's not too cold, supposed to be - 22c tonight!) good food, good company, kissing my love at midnight, and a new years day walk in the woods. Better pack my snowpants!
New Years Day will also always remind me of my dear grandmother. She passed away on New Years day 3 years ago.
simply beautiful.
My uncle posted a bunch of old family pics on facebook lastnight. I just have to share this one:
Grandma's basement. I loved that fall scene backdrop. Where all the parties were.My uncle bob on accordian. My mum is on guitar looking gorgeous! This is way before my grand entrance into the world obviously!
Grandma's house was sold and has been converted into a beauty salon. 
Sometimes I think about going in there to see how it has changed and maybe they'd let me look around. But I feel like it would be too sad. And that perhaps I should preserve my memories of the house as I remember it last, instead of clouding them.
It's funny, you know I know that nothing in life is permanent, and that everything is constantly changing, but that doesn't mean it's always easily emotionally.  I've been realizing that just because you can explain or rationalize the way something or someone IS, doesn't mean it's okay or right or that it won't bring up emotion. (whoa! I love when you intend your blog post to be one thing but then it becomes another. Verve Evolving in it's purest form ;)
But, seriously guys, What are you doing New Years Eve?
I started this blog one year ago tomorrow! I can't beleive it ! I didn't know what to expect and I've learned a lot.  I'm excited to see what 2013 will bring.  The other day I scrolled through every single post.  Now that I am finally a Registered Massage Therapist  (I start Jan.2nd!) it was interesting looking back at my 2012 journey. I was so fearful of failure. But I did it! This year I would like to work on my confidence and fear of failure. Theres so much I want to explore and experience this year, which I will save for a New Years Day post !

Love and the sweetest vibes to you and yours!

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