Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years Day

Welcome 2013
Crisp Fresh and New
Today we ventured through a Winter Wonderland!
Can you tell there's a little dog in my coat - we were literally creating the path as we walked...poor lil' chloe was drowning in snow!
Then we visited me mum who lives nearby !

Buster n' Jude
Love of My Life

 Scored some VERY special items from mum today

 An embroidery that was created by mum during her first pregnancy - me! It's been on various walls over the years and I'm happy to bring it home and hang on our new orange wall!

Major bonus: My grandparents on my mum's side. 1934. One of those black and white photos that have been "retouched with colour". This rounded frame is gorgeous vintage family bliss!

Thank you Mum I Love You! I will cherish these always!


Today is Verve Evolving's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY
Dear Verve Evoling, I Love You. You've evolved into something so special and dear to me.

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  1. you've also evolved into something that is very special to me