Wednesday, 2 January 2013

4 Simple Goals : Update!

Ahhh yes... 4 Simple Goals. Months ago, A Beautiful Mess challenged readers to set and accomplish 4 simple goals before 2013. You can read my original post here. So how did it go? Let's review! :
1. Obtain my RMT License : DONE! One of the BIGGEST accomplishments of my life, I'm still pinching myself! My first shift is tomorrow and I guess what? Someone booked with me! I really enjoyed writing my therapist profile for the Sage Wellness website, you can read it here.
2. My New Massage Therapy Blog - "The Hip Joint" :  (*insert balloon deflating noise here*) While I have been working on my blog, I am disappointed to annouce it is not ready to "go live" just yet. It's important that it not be rushed because quality is important to me. So, chin up! I shall continue to move forward a planned!
3. Finish painting bedroom wall : Yes! The wall has been painted. Look I have proof!

 We have yet to hang artwork which is really the best part! I look forward to sharing those photos soon!

 4. Update my vision board: Check! :
This new vision board reminds me that I can do anything that I want to, to focus my intent and energy wisely. To live a balanced life, taking the time to nuture and care formyself, the possibilities are endless!
So, in conclusion: 3 outta 4 aint bad!

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