Monday, 7 January 2013

DIY Leg Warmers

Cozy Winter Leg Warmers - It doesn't get any easier than this folks!
((Thank You Sarah Murphy for the sweater))

I loved this hoodie but it was a little short & boxy for my body

Doesn't this make you want to hit up Value Village and buy a ton of sweaters to make leg warmers?! 
Super easy peasy to add to any outfit!

to yoga

 Just hanging about at home - with my new camera! tres excite!
Out n' Aboot  ((I'm obsessed with jean shorts over leggings))

Since joining the blogging world I must say I am all about the DIY craftiness these days!  It's become the most rewarding outlet for my creative spirit- patiently waiting on the back burner while I endured almost 3 years of schooling and licensing! It feels good to take on projects and read simply for the pleasure of reading.  I've just started my second week in my new career in Massage Therapy - it's going so well, I'm feeling all kinds of gratitude that this is my life now.

Stay tuned for more Recent DIY Projects I've created!

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