Sunday, 6 January 2013

L'exchange des soeurs

Crystal Cynthia Anne Grier

We met in highschool and have reconnected in the most beautiful way. Years ago she started her blog The Mess In Messenger (possibly whilst living in Montreal (?)chronicling the lives of a mama , papa and their 3 vegan babes..(it's actually really so much more than that you'll just have to check it out for yourself) Hers was the first blog I'd ever read, and I thank her for introducing me to the sisterhood that is our blogging community.Sound familiar at all? This isn't my first post dedicated to Crystal :) 

One day my dear friend sent me this link and I was all - YESYesYes - I'm IN!
Our plan to mail this one beautiful box back and forth, filling the box with trinkets, positive inspiration and the most supportive wellness vibes. Also inside this box we plan to have a notebook that we take turns writing in. Who doesn't love a surprise package in the mail?!

Howeeeever, when Crystal announced she'd be in the city between Christmas & NewYears, we decided to save on postage and reconnect live and in person! She is one of those friends where it doesn't matter how long it's been since you seen each other - -you never miss a beat. My kindred spirit ! We had the best time and parted feeling refreshed and ready for 2013! Wanna see the most thoughtful personalized loot ever?!

maple candles

shanti tea (white rose!)

Kelli Murray inspired DIY clay ornament AND gift tag ! 
(We  love us some Kelli Murray Art we do!)

DIY Sharpie Mug!

Through journaling we share knowledge and support one another as we each continue down our paths to self wellness & awareness

What a lovely lovely feeling it is, receiving gifts that are so ME! 

I highly recommend you find a friend who is into this and start your own L'exchange.


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