Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Nature Craving Satisfied

This long weekend I made a last minute decision to get out of the city! Destination: Chrissie's home in Oxford Mills. What a treat!  When I'm home it's hard to escape that "this and that need to get done" feeling. But when you're staying at someone's house you can just - be! My mum lives 20 minutes away and I was able to have lunch at her place on Sunday aftynoon - bonus! because it was also technically "Family Day" (hence the long weekend-ness!)

After lunch, Chrissie and I took a walk in the woods. I had been craving this for weeks now! We ran in the deep snow, observing the beauty that is life around us.

 turkey tracks!
 chrissie and chloe lead the way!
 you know that soft snow covered w/ a layer of hard snow? 

 We came to a clearing...
 annnd...happily collapsed!
I'm on my back here. And here is my view > to the right:
 to the left:
and above:
Sighhh...I'm eagerly anticipating bonfires and more connecting with nature come spring! 
wood burning stove   wild turkeys   kitty cuddles over night  nourishing food   great company
Thank you Chrissie and Sam for having me! xoxo