Sunday, 28 April 2013


So I turned thirty on friday! There was a very special yoga class friday evening (a whole other blogpost to come soon)  followed by too much fun at a bar down the street.  The next morning just me and my love headed to Lac Phillipe in Gatineau. I've been wanting to rent a yurt for a while now! Below is a glimpse into our weekend. My first weekend of my thirties was awesome I must say! Enjoy scrolling to music xo

educating myself at the the information centre *picking up keys to yurt here!*
Wanakiwan Yurt that's us! 3.5km ...

heavier than it looks ...heh..
The prize at the end of the hike! :

feast of all feasts
little chilly as the sun went down...
 Great Horned Owl sang us to sleep
One crazy loon sang all night long
besides some carbon monoxide alarm drama, it was a cozy night - hehe...
Our yurt was on a hill top - I was so excited to spot a white-tailed dear having breakfast!
((I may or may not have tracked this dear through the woods in my sock feet))
A red-headed woodpecker hammered away all morning, not to mention ducks, geese, gulls, crows and whip-poor-wills *to name a few!* It was bliss after a long winter..
And then I met this lil' guy....
Things got out of hand...kinda...
But of course we had to say good bye eventually...there was the cutest lil' Yurt Guestbook which of course we contributed to...and by we I mean me  ;)
GOOD BYE YURT until we meet again xoxo
*my new pink sunglasses that he calls 'just a little too much' heh - Forever 21 

Lunch in Chelsea concluded my celebration weekend - yum! the cutest lil' place called "Biscotti"
So this is thirty eh? There's so much I want to accomplish and I'm so excited for what this next decade will bring! Squeal!
Thanks for reading xo

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