Wednesday, 17 April 2013

18 hours in Montreal

We took a mini  trip to see Phosphorescent in Montreal last night! Just the two of us. Nothing like a different city to shake up one's daily routine! Montreal, c'est romance!

Warning picture upload overload! Best listen to some Phosphorescent whilst scrolling, non?

I found a hotel in the 'historic district' (yes to cobblestone streets !) for 50$ (!)
Naturally we had low expectations, but guess what? We were pleasantly surprised.  It was a teeny room with minimal accommodations - perfect for an overnight getaway!

Hotel Champ de Mars

what's that ? French-Canadian legend Celine Dion poster in OUR room?!
this little beeswax guy made the trip with us but never got lit -oops!

 panoramic shenanigans
does this lamp above the bed not look like a shower?
                         YES I got the Chic Wish  crochet shorts! Remember this dreamy post?

We walked to the venue (Le Petit Campus! approx 25min from hotel) and we took our time as the shenanigans continued for example "if I were a singer song-writer this would be my album cover"

 and the (actual) band? Ahh-Mazing! 

Phosphorescent photos taken by monsieur with his fancy phone ahem - green filter anyone?

 The next morning we got brunch, practiced our francais and totally played tourist! 
 And I couldn't resist one teeny shop where I stocked up on my favourite inscence and a fancy new ring. (I've been all about wearing lots of rings lately! I think it has something to do with the fact that I can't wear them at work so it's special!)
  A la prochaine!

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