Friday, 31 May 2013

30th Birthday Yoga Love

I thought this would be a fun song to scroll through the photos to! Enjoy!
So 30th birthday was over a month ago, and I'm just getting to sharing these amazing photos (below!)

 A very special yoga class to live music! Love and Gratitude to Chris, Stu, Reaz for the live music experience - they rocked it - considering my vague instruction "instrumental, yoga-ish.....just go with the flow!")

AND I am so grateful to my one of my nearest and dearest - Tara for leading the class, John  for taking beautiful photos! And everyone for coming. We all did a lot of good our bodies & minds (before we went out and destroyed them haha -juuuust kidding I embellish -sorry no photos from the bar - wink!)

And of course the next day THIS happened . 
So yes - My first weekend of my thirties was top notch!

  (the ohm symbol has always resemble a '30' to me)

  Crystal - one of my favourites ever! Check out her blog The Mess in Messenger - it just got the most gorgeous makeover! blogover? ;) AND I will be featured on it sooooon! ((Are you a babe with a blog? Contact Crystal via her blog to be featured!))


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  1. So I hope my 30th birthday can be this incredible. This yoga class looks supremely magical. Happy belated birthday! (Just started following via Crystal's Babes with Blogs.)


    PS - Eckhart Tolle: swoon. He inspired my 29th birthday tattoo. ;)