Friday, 28 June 2013

Boho Birthday

 In early June my bff Chrissie invited a bunch of us up to her home in the country to celebrate her 30th! Naturally, I went up a night early to make a bunch of bohemian inspired decorations! ( A last minute mainly for us heehe!) I took tons of photos but most of them were before the party started heehee! I can't believe I've known Chrissie for more than half my life! Love you like a Sister xoxxo

I asked Chrissie what song she wanted for this post and I LOVE what she chose so press play and enjoy your scroll !
this feather garland was so easy and fun to make, rope and feathers,
tie a knot around the stem of the feather and repeat!
who doesn't love twinkly lights?! (remember my 30th ?)

 a little blurry but "I don't care...I love it!
I drew this for Chrissie not long after she finished her Yoga Teacher Training <3

We had so much fun making all the decorations and setting things up. It was raining so we made it as cozy as possible! But guess what? sooner did people start arriving than the sun came out and we spent the rest of the party outside - hah! A lot of these decorations are still up in Chrissies home, they're just too cute to take down!
Two of my favourites! above: the birthday gyal Chrissie  Below: Love of my Life (cut that hair hippie! ;)
henna for err'one
LOTS of people brought their dogs
 Happy 30th to my BFF in the world, Chrissie!
and, just because she's so cute: Willow!

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  1. Happy Birthday Chrissie! This song gets me oh so jumpin!