Monday, 24 June 2013

Simple Pleasures

This is the door to our sketchy fire escape, I swear it is like 20degrees steep! Also we're up pretty high in the attic of an old home.
So It was no wonder I was surprised when this little cutie popped out of nowhere!
I keep the wooden door open most day to catch the breeze - and whist puttering away in the kitchen on aftynoon I heard a little mew! How'd you get all the way up here!
I've only ever had squirrel visitors up here until now (!)
I was so tempted to open the screen door, as this kitty was beyond adorable (those giant babyblues~!) and seemed so friendly that had I opened the door, I feel she would have run on in to the apartment!

And there you have it, one of those simple pleasures that make your day and you also happen to capture on camera - bliss! It's the little things you know?
ps - yep that's our old xmas tree that for some reason never makes it down on garbage night (heh..)

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