Sunday, 6 October 2013


Oh HI there!
I am happy to announce that after a summer of little to no blogging, I am feeling freshly inspired to spend more time at Verve Evolving! Something about the cooler fall weather has me retreating indoors and full of ideas and inspiration! So yeah, expect more happenings here!
Now press play and enjoy the sweet sounds of Tosca Tango Orchestra - whilst I share the story of why I named this blog Verve Evolving in the first place!
((A favourite of mine for years now - which you will totally recognize if you know and love the movie "Waking Life"))
Okay! So - I've had this book for about 5 years now it's called "Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnach - and she takes you this journey towards creating simple abundance in our daily lives. It is designed  so that you literally read a page a day and guess what ? You totally start the book on New Years Day (natch!) a day of the year (the first day of the year!) that I feel the most inspired and ready to "start fresh! start something new!"
Every Jan.1st I set out on my 365 day journey with Simple Abundance, and every year I make to Feb..March...mayyybe April? I've never been able to get through the whole (year) book -consistently and all the way through.  One year I even thought it fun to share the magic of simple abundance with my BFF Chrissie - promising to type out each day from the book to her via email - therefore motivating me to actively participate knowing she was counting on didn't last long - some days there were lots of typing to commit remember Chrissie?!heh) In fact you can click on the 'Simple Abundance' label on the side of this blog for a few entries from this book!
Okay moving on! The April 2nd entry just spoke to me so loudly one day - a few years ago (!) An entry I will share with you now! (not the fullll entry but the parts that spoke to me..mmm! I hope it inspires you as well! It's all about VERVE.
 "the soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience"
 - Emily Dickinson
Verve is the special ability or talent to pull something off with panache, from a fabulous outfit, to and exquisite couplet of poetry.  Verve comes into our lives when we finally trust our instincts.  When we take risks and they pay off.  Verve is Passion.  It's also the secret of personal style.  Verve is focused creative energy, a sense of vitality or zest.
And how do we learn to develop a finely honed sense of verve? 
By paying attention to the details.. By accepting each day's attempt to teach us more about our authenticity.  By being constantly on the lookout for the blood rush to our head, our hearts skip a beat, our knees shaky, and our souls sigh.
How much do you love?
So...that's VERVE (in a nutshell!) Verve?! I want Verve - yes please!
So I wrote Verve on this scrap piece of paper as I thought about the above words, how I am always striving for such Verve - accepting and loving where I'm at - but also ALWAYS EVOLVING! Always open to learning more and growing forever and ever! I just wrote "evolving" next to "verve" on that piece of paper and added it this collage on the wall above the board (aka - my vision board!) not quite sure what I wanted to do with these words Verve Evolving. I just - liked them :)
Flash forward 6 months later (Jan 1st 2012 I believe?) and I was feeling all inspired to start this blog (it was Jan 1st afterall (!) and I knew exactly what I wanted to call this here blog....
Okay enough chatter for a minute, here's a spurt of inspiration  (simple abundance!) and happiness from this summer:

 my two fave photos from Mountain Jam - this epic music festival we went to in June (which will definitely get its own blog post entirely - soon hopefully!)

and just because my eyes love them together.....(gah!) vintage Johnny Depp & Kate Moss

 I am excited to streamline Verve Evolving and have more of a focus so stay tuned! I honestly feel it has taken me the last 7 or so months to get a rhythm with my new(ish?) career as a Registered Massage Therapist! I have also been working on a fun and informative Massage Therapy Blog! I've got some thinking to do and decisions to make as far as keeping those worlds separate? Can I really be discussing a muscle one minute and fashion photography the next? Id' like to stay professional and keeps some boundaries? What would you do? It will be a fun journey regardless I'm sure ! See you soon! xoxo


  1. Love this post!!! All things you are perfect. I love your blog and anything you write will be awesome

  2. Oh gosh! I am so excited by this post, because I've totally read (AND LOVE) "Simple Abundance"! I bought it a few years ago and - same here - didn't get past April. In 2012, I decided to dedicate myself to it, and ended up getting through the whole year. I have carried so much with me from that book, including a daily gratitude practice of naming five things each day. I actually ended up buying a copy for my three close girlfriends, and also gave my amazing naturopath a copy for Christmas last year. It's such a spectacular and inspiring book, and I just love that it's what inspired the name of your blog! Beautiful!

    Also, welcome back!