Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mountain Jammin' in June

So my first thought was to say ..."ohh I feel so guiltyyy I can't believe Mountain Jam was in JUNE and I'm only posting about it noww?" but then I thought about it and well, like all things in life -I've just got to OWN IT #ownit - heh.
So yes, Mountain Jam 2013!   An annual music festival at the epic Hunter mountain ski resort in Hunter, NY. My first 'camping music festival' believe or not!! And surely not my last!
  I henna-ed Wendy's feet a few days before we left!
This trip was More than memorable for so many reasons! 1. My love and I went with two of the most easy going and awesome friends (Dave and Wendy!) 2. The drive was gorgeous (we drove the amazing Adirondacks on the way home! Thank you Wendy for driving ! #roofrack)  3. Everyone was so nice! 4. Um, the MUSIC! We were there to catch bands like Government Mule, Widespread Panic, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Phil Lesh, White Denim (to name a few anyway ;)
 The festival started Thursday (I missed PRIMUS - I can't even talk about it) but we arrived on the Friday - not long before sunset - and it was was raiiiin-ing (!) 
  We remained in good spirits as we were directed to the 'overflow camping area' (which was basically a parking lot and you camped on a small green patch behind your car.) We were just happy to be there! Setting up in the rain right next to us was the most friendly and awesome group of New Jersey folk we ever did meet! We considered ourselves very lucky to have been blessed with such neighbours! Needless today we became fast friends and stuck together for most of the weekend!
Okay enough chatter for now let's get to more photos!
Please scroll through our Mountain Jam experience whilst listening to Michael Franti who is basically the reason I even discovered Mountain Jam in the first place!

Good Morning Day 2
 Hunter boots in Hunter, NY
Mud Monster

The beautiful butterfly whisperer Jess - and my yoga buddy yes there were tons of things to do (and eat!) besides music!

dancing bear!
 skyrides $5 !

 a deer pranced by - lucky timing for us!  Wish I got a better shot but I want to always remember this moment!

so many cool people!!!
 blurry but...epic!!! Thanks for scrolling through Mountain Jam 2013! Hope you enjoyed the ride!

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