Friday, 16 May 2014

Wedding Ceremony sur la Plage

Here are some of our favourite wedding photos - I was going to choose a song from our ceremony but I chose this (below)  because I've been kind of obsessed with it lately - and I just love the lyrics (I've always been a lyrics gal !) I thought about turning this into a two-parter but wanted photos to last as long as song - so yea - scroll slowly and get ready for a whole lotta US ;)

 play n' scroll ! 

Every day I am so grateful that I was given my grandma's wedding rings :)  I decided on wearing the engagement ring on my right hand for the ceremony so that he could just put the band on a bare finger - felt more symbolic - then I just snuck the engagement ring back onto my left and on top of the band during all the document signing!
my mum crocheted these "barefoot sandals" as well as the little things in my hair :) She gave them to me white and I stained them with black tea to match my dress :) As far as everything else I decided to let go of (most control) and let them decide everything (!) all I said for this bouquet was "how bout some baby blue" and look how cute!
our witnesses were simply resort staff.. they probably do it all the time but we'll always remember them!
I just love our ceremony photos - they are beachy pastel dream ! It's honestly all a blur thank goodness for photos & video right?
After cake and champagne we started our epic photo shoot as the sun set. 
It was fun and awkward and full of love!  Today I'm sharing the absolute favourites which is .. a lot :)
   thanks again to sunset at the palms for an awesome wedding !


  1. Aaaaww, now you made me teary eyed (again x1,000)! So much love!

  2. You guys are so beautiful. ♥ This is how I would envision the perfect wedding. Christine your dress and barefoot sandals are so perfect. I wish you two a lifetime of happiness ♡

  3. I can't put my finger on it, but these look straight out of a movie. So lovely - congrats to you both!

  4. What beautiful photos. They ceremony was so lovely and it looks like you guys had a great time. I also use my grandmothers wedding ring as my own and it just feels so much more special.

  5. Thank you for the sweetest comments ever !