Saturday, 3 May 2014

First week being 31

Here is a roundup of the last 7 days - last Saturday was my 31st birthday and this week it was actually sorta kinda starting to feel like SPRING
Shall I add music for you to scroll to ? (have I used this song already? who cares its a fave!)


1. This amazing new venue opened in Ottawa. It's called House of Targ and there is oldschool pinball machines & arcade games, gourmet perogies, beer and live music a plenty! 2. golden hour in the stairwell where I work 3&4. FamJam Brunch
 5. Lil' puss, lil Meowmeister, our lil' guy LEMMY (who has been with us for just over a month now and quite frankly deserves his own post and I can't believe he hasn't had one yet - stay tuned for that ! 
6. the right knee of my beige leggins had a wee stain so I drew a heart in sharpee over it! How cute yea? I'll let you know what happens after a wash -_0  Also - those leg warmers are just old sweater sleeves !! (what's that on my left knee you say ? a teeny hole that I'm okay with ;)
7. My birthday roses from last weekend are still going strong!
8.  Hubbs n' I are taking part in David Suzuki's 30x30 Nature Challenge. Basically you make an effort to get outside into nature 30 minutes a day, all May long! You can win prizes by sharing photos on social media and tagging #30x30challenge and #natureselfie  JOIN US ! It's a win-win really!

Also this week:

- a lunchdate with my mum! Wild Oat and a million conversations happening at once.

- I started Blog Life on A Beautiful Mess because they inspire me to no end (for inspiration with my (brand new/finally!) Massage Therapy blog  - The Hip Joint !) 
- an inspiring spiritual counseling in the west
- I've been sadly following this, felt helpless and signed this
- took an amazingly inspiring workshop on body alignment and muscle balance with this local yogi

- I discovered this site: free2work  - informing us which companies produce their product via slave labour / child slave labour) for example pretty much every supplier of chocolate or coffee unless labelled "fair trade organic" - it's an uncomfy subject I know - who doesn't love a good deal on clothing for example?  I've always had a 'passion for fashion' and the industry behind it.
 I am guilty of rather large Forever 21 binges a few times a year. Then I found a few articles claiming that F21 uses cotton made in Uzbekistan - a country known for child slave labour cotton picking.  I could turn a blind eye - but my heart knows something is wrong.  I am no expert on this subject but I am thoughtful about where my food comes from (most of the time) so why not expand from there? We vote with our dollar. Every dollar we spend is a vote for the kind of world we want to live in.   And I can't support child slave labour because 'these clothes are so cute and affordable'  If there is Less Demand for a product and a decrease in sales the big guys Notice - they really do!  

So what are the alternatives?
Support Local ! Make your own original pieces or if you're like me.....Second hand & Vintage clothing shopping is my all time favourite way to shop (value village!)  I almost want to call it a loop hole because you can still buy any brand name you want without creating a demand for the product - but I feel guilty even typing THAT so...I am going to stop here for I could go on and on (( and I didn't even think my instagram post would turn into this))... but creating awareness and a dialogue is a good start!  I've got some reading to do... - what are YOUR thoughts? Do you consider yourself an ethical consumer in some areas? Coffee, food, clothing?  It's enough to drive one crazy - I don't even want to know the stories behind the creation of my iPhone or even this laptop I type on (!) I suppose we must choose our battles...

err..let me end on a lighter note:

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