Friday, 16 March 2012

Oh So Grateful!

I've been working on getting into the habit of keeping a "gratitude journal".
Every night, I write a list of all the things I am grateful for on this particular day.
The key to adding new and wonderful things to your life experience, is being grateful for what you already have, focusing on all that I have, never focusing on the "lack".  I have adopted this "attitude of gratitude"overthe last few years and it has slowly but surely become part of my everyday thinking.

Of course I definitely have those "ungrateful" moments because, well, I am human, but I am getting better and better and noticing these moments (by using my "emotional guidance system" - see previous post ;) and doing a lovely 180!  This attitude of gratitude has brought the most amazing people and experiences and opportunites into my life, those who feel the same way. Live the same way. Like attracting Like.

Here is my Gratitude List for today:

Today (and everyday) I am grateful for my partner, who this morning made sure
I was awake beforehe left for work. And his sweet embraces..
 I am grateful for the friendly folks at Bridgehead Coffee, for taking care of me everymorning!
I am grateful for the studying I got done this morning
and for my teacher for doing a spinal adjustment
 on me and how much better my back feels! 
I am grateful for the support of my fellow students..
this spring weather, Sage Wellness (I can't believe I look forward to going to work!)
I am grateful for Friday night saunas and lounging with my girlfriends on the shag carpet, just chilling and eating and massaging each other - bliss!
And as ALWAYS, I am grateful for my Health, my Strength, flexibility. My home, Good food! Family! Friends...Love...I could go on and on...!


 The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle) talks about negativity, which is really just resisting what is, and that there really is no point in resisting what is because it's already happening..If you find yourself in a less than desirable situation, you have choices: you can remove yourself from the situation, change it (if posibble), or accept it totally.We really are the masters of every situation, (and our lives!)
This all ties into being PRESENT in each moment. Living the NOW.
And of course, tuning into what feelings are going on inside of us.

If you could CHOOSE your feelings...which ones would you choose?
Would you choose anger? despair? Joy?
Gratitude? We DO have that choice!
And we get this one, glorious life to make these decisions.. 

Here's an experiment: see how often in ONE DAY you catch your self complaining.
About anything. Big or little. Aloud, or to yourself. 
I notice a lot of the time people use complaining as almost a bonding mechanism, or maybe even just a topic of conversation? Once you are will begin to notice it all around may even notice that there isn't much to say..because resisting what IS has become normal behaviour...makes me think of that old saying
"if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"
Lately, my favourite mantra is this:
"Appreciation for what is, and excitement for what's coming"
A mantra for a lifetime!

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