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DIY Natural Beauty Products

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Our skin is our largest organ and sometimes it's easy to forget that everything we put on our skin absorbs and ends up in our bloodstream. 

I've rounded up an Ultimate list of natural DIY recipes for hair, face, body, soul! - nothing compares to using a product you made yourself ! No secrets. And no labels containing  harmful chemicals !

Did this video resonate with you?
"The Dirty Dozen": Click here to see a list of chemicals to watch for and avoid.

One Thousand Thank Yous to my two favourite DIY beauty sources:
Bohemian Kate & Free People Blog
who totally made this post possible!

Below is a list of links to all the things I want to make. I'm excited to create myself and use minimal ingredients that are natural,  nourishing and that I can pronounce right? chemical free love people!

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*Homemade Coconut Milk Shampoo*

*DIY DRY Shampoo for light and dark hair*

Seasalt spray for that beach look that I love:

  1 tsp seasalt, 1 cup warm water,
1/2tsp coconut oil - dollop of hair gel
mix in a tiny spray bottle et voila!

*Wash your Face with Honey*
I love how easy this is! Sometimes I add cinnamon :)

*Coconut Face Scrub*

Coconut oil is one of my favourite oils ever! I use it as body moisturizer and sometimes my face (just a dab will do - greasy face!) Coconut oil is antibacterial and anti-microbial,enhancing skin's 'natural flora' aka: the good bacteria. Coconut is a 'cooling' oil so I also use it a massage oil in the summer! Right now I'm using Almond oil which is nice and neutral - for all body types!

*Blemish Remedy Au Naturel*

*Edible Lip Scrub Yum!*

*Soothing Nighty-Night Face Mask*

*Tumeric & Rosewater Face Mask*

Making Up:
Summer Wedding 2012  - makeup en moderatione√©

I gave up daily makeup years ago but these three recipes have captured my heart!

3 ingredient Body Scrub: the oil leaves your skin so soft!
1 cup olive oil (or any other carrier oil works)
1 cup sea salt
3-5 drops essential oil

*Moisturizing Skin Remedy*

*all natural hand salve*

*Tea Tree & Mint Foot Scrub*

And there you have it! Easy to obtain ingredients. I went out and bought my ingredients today, I've got my-  mason jars  I'm super excited to make an afternoon of it!


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