Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Spring Thaw

I know I know it's Wednesday and I'm all "wait! I had the best weekend that I still want to share!"
So..ya! Had the best getaway last weekend! 

Spring is (kind of ) here and it was off to my bff Chrissie's home in the country weeee!  (you may recall my last visit "Nature Craving Satisfied")

Chrissie was so kind as to pick me up in the city Saturday (and after some keys locked in car drama -haha Chrissie) we dashed to Kemptville (closest town to her) for a special yoga class at the sweetest yoga studio called Bodhi Tree. Our friends Bhavan2  were performing and we helped raise funds for Helping Hands for India

I just have to say that everyone was so kind and welcoming in Kemptville. I really really dug the small town vibe. I grew up in a town called Perth and sometimes I find myself craving a small town life. I love nature and space but I also love the conveniences of the city.  Why can't I have it all! heh :) I just love how folk look one another in the eye and smile and nod, it's nice!  

(You have to watch this video for Bodhi Tree - it basically makes my heart melt)

We had an EPIC bonfire Saturday Night.

Sunday Morning - I just love being outside it was slightly rainy but it was warm and dried up quickly!

Spring? Is that you?

Sunday afternoon was amaaazing. Chrissie organized a surprise birthday bbq for Sam,
here are some snapshots from the day!

oh yeah, and then this happened:

OMG how Canadian are we haha Love!

it was a coffee and irish creme liquor kind of afternoon..
I LOVE the above photo. It was a totally natural moment that I dashed quickly to capture before anyone noticed. They should start a band, or a denim line.. Here's another :
Don't you love how he layers leather over denim ? I do xoxo

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