Monday, 3 March 2014

Last Days of February

A collection of things from the last week of February or so...

Remember Romeo & Juliet circa 1996?! - still one of my all time favourites and I've recently resurrected the EPIC soundtrack that goes with it.  ((it's been so long since my last post - I eloped in January and am now officially married to my love which I will obviously save for another post but the wedding and choosing wedding songs was the original reason the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack even crossed my mind again!)) 
So, yeah! Here is one of our wedding songs for you to enjoy whilst scrolling through 
"The last days of February"

So lately I've developed a habit of  'screen-shotting' anything and everything that inspires me - mostly on Instagram. Here is a collection of things that stirred my creative fires!

 @modcloth (gahh I live for pastel dreaminess )
@modcloth (again!)

Meanwhile in real life...
 Niece Lovin' !
one crazy hour of impromptu puppy sitting !
A morning of nature with this crazy goddess that I love - grateful to spend my time with those that inspire & lift my heart !!!
 We had a fun sledding adventure which I hadn't done in yeeeears and unfortunately it resulted in a neck injury which obviously called for a dramatic selfie on instagram:

but honestly it lasted a week,  I learned a lot and now that I am pain free and have my full range of motion again I am so grateful!

 at Bridgehead coffeeshop with my hubbs (saying husband is still very strange to me)
 A 'one month married' surprise. The theme? Jamaica (where we got hitched!) wine, pineapple and plantain chips yum!
a collection of newlywed bliss ((sighh))

Also, I was inspired by this post by Emma of A Beautiful Mess ! ((let's be real, everything they do inspires me))
and this post made my heart swell times a million.

Spring where the fahhhhhh are you? 
I've been dreaming about last year's yurt adventure we simply Must do it again! I'd love to make it a "spring thaw tradition" 

Also, we want to get a cat soon, or as I've been saying "fur baby" - we think we're ready.

Ahhh it feels so good to blog again for real! I'm currently spending two days with my BFF we've honestly been happily productive - working all day on our computers (with breaks!) we're both used to working alone I guess we just keep inspiring each other to keep going!

Hopefully I post again soon - there is so much to catch up on!!!
 getting married on the beach like I've always dreamed
ocean, pastels, sunset, salty wavy hair !


  1. Such a lovely bride!

    I was in eighth grade when Romeo + Juliet came out, and I was so totally in love with it, and with Leonardo DiCaprio, and with Claire Danes, and with the soundtrack most of all. I must've listened to it hundreds of times while pining over some boy I've since forgotten. What a great throwback!

    Happy wedding wishes to you both!


  2. Me too grade 8 ahhh grade 7 & 8 were a FUN couple years for sure! (thanks for reading my 'quarterly' - hah!)