Friday, 21 March 2014

Jamaica in January

So it's offically Spring ya'll. It still doesn't feel like it here in Ottawa.
What a perfect day to reminisce about our tropical getaway during the last week of January!
And it wasn't just any vacation - we decided to get hitched ! On the beach ! Only a dream of mine Forever! I never imagined a church or big wedding just a simple beach ceremony just the two of us.
Eloping and not telling anyone just seemed right for us. We're grateful to have 'less-traditional' families that didn't mind 'not being included'. And of course we had an awesome celebration two weeks after we got back so we could celebrate with everyone.  But I digress! The wedding photos and the party will be blogged about in the (near?) future, but TODAY is "vacation focused"

We stayed at Sunset at the Palms in Negril - which I totally recommend if you're looking to avoid those massive cesspool resorts and want a more boutique-y, quiet, green space. Here's what the rooms look like:


 So cute right? So yea, upon our return we felt like we never wanted to hear Bob Marley again but after a nice long break, I'm happy to share one of my favourite tunes for you to enjoy whilst scrolling!

Mostly warm and sunny - so lush and green - a couple rainy afternoons & stormy nights - didn't bother me one bit! it was 25-30 degrees C everyday!

lots and lots of chilling & relaxing : I was obsessed with the daybed on our balcony.  Even though it was 'vacation',  I did my best to stay dedicated to daily breathwork and meditation - because it feels amazing and I wanted to :D little peepeeps (birds) would stop and visit..
This catamaran tour was definitely a highlight (aka booze cruise) this was one of two day trips- one on the books, one off (the Real Jamaica tour ;) ..Nights we're mostly mingling and drinks and jacuzzi time! What do you think of my 'unconventional engagement ring shot' with the eyelash curler?

We ate so well, I can't remember the last time I ate 3 full meals a day for so many days in a row! And yes to lattes by the pool !

 This trip I was practicing 'enjoying the moment' and didn't take many photos at all! (and by that I mean..maybe 25 pics when normally I may take hundreds) Another reason for my lack of photos is that I was more focused on capturing video footage if anything -I knew I wanted to make a vacation/wedding movie when we got home. (which i did - and love and will share eventually!) 
Moments worth Remembering ! :
-being greeted at the resort with fruit juice and cool towels what?
-that first lunch where Chris couldn't wait to reveal that he 'thinks we're 'ready for a cat'.
-Leo from the coffee bar (Chriiiis & Chriiiiistine!)
-"Mellow Yellow" was my jam (malibu rum & pineapple juice)
-meeting 'MelEric' (and Marissa ;) an awesome couple from Ottawa that we keep meaning to get together with! (wtf guys?)
-our wedding day obviously that goes without saying!
-That 'real Jamaica' tour with Brent
- swimming & body surfing in the sea 
-That catamaran tour (especially on the way home)
-Jacuzzi nights
-That karaoke night  ('king of the road' and our first duet ' folsom prison blues')
 - Chris gave his guitar tuner to a local serenader when he noticed him tuning his guitar with a harmonica.  He was over the moon-musician bonding moment for sure - swoon!
-Oh yeah! And this guy I met at breakfast on the second last day!

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  1. What is the "real Jamaican" tour? I think we would like that one...