Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Screenshot Wedding Inpiration

 So I had to keep our wedding a secret for at least two months - eventually I let it leak to a couple close friends because well - come on! I would screenshot inspirational photos from pinterest for wedding dresses and 'wedding poses' I never got around to properly cropping the screenshots but it looks kinda cool, non? So here's my collection - 
Okay let's get our romance and twinkly lights and pastels on!

(the ol' Play n' Scroll!)

 I'm only slightly obsessed with Miranda Kerr.
I definitely wanted a beachy vibe since we were getting married on the beach!
I've never imagined a big expensive gown for myself so I bought 3 (yes 3 - hah!) super affordable F21 dresses and yep- I brought all 3 to Jamaica and decided last minute...
but deep down I think I always knew THIS was the one - I just loved the idea of sleeves. (Yes sleeves in 25 degree weather haha)

 my grandparents (on my mum's side) on their wedding day - 1935 
This hangs in our bedroom and I feel so blessed because I got grandma's simple vintage wedding rings. (don't you just LOVE this frame!)


  1. Old pictures of relatives when they are young are the best. Especially if they depict some kind of love story :)

    1. So true thanks for reading Marielle ! Your blog is amazing and I look forward to exploring :)