Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Our Wedding Postcard

So if you know me personally or have been following my last few posts - you know that I eloped in Jamaica with my love the last week of January this year.

I'm not sure what Exactly qualifies as eloping, my understanding is that it's when you "run off in the night and not tell anyone"...we definitely told our parents, a couple friends, and I even let it leak to a couple clients because I knew they wouldn't tell anyone in my life-heh.  We had to keep this secret for about two months it wasn't easy :)

(The wedding was just the two of us on a beach at sunset -  everything I (err-we ;) dreamed it would be -which I will eventually post about!)

We knew we Definitely wanted to have a celebration of our marriage when we got back!
There WAS talk of waiting until summer to have a fun outdoor celebration, but there was something special about having the celebration 'within that window of excitement of it all' - ya know?

   But! We also wanted to make sure people had a good heads up and our party people didn't have alternate plans! We also wanted to book a venue and entertainment.
So yeah - It was a lil' tricky - we agreed on a 3 week heads up - meaning we would have to announce our wedding and the party like IMMEDIATELY after we leave for Jamaica (we were there for 1 week - and the party planned for two weeks after (Feb 15th!)

We mailed out "announcement postcards/Wedding party invites" 2 days before we hopped on the plane. We had a facebook event waiting in the wings for RSVPs - (which we couldn't invite anyone to until about halfway through our trip - I wanted the postcards to arrive first - oh the timing !

Anyway - the whole point of this post was to share a few design inspirations for our invites and then share OURS.  Just a couple Pinterest screenshots I loved :) Hope Jennifer Bartlett doesn't mind!

 then one day I was playing with the A Beautiful Mess App and came up with this..

but wasn't sure if anyone would find it as funny as I did

So then I did a throwback inspired one:

 I thought this was so cute but Monsieur wasn't feelin' it..

 I LOVE what I did in the end - I used our passports as a sort of a 'mugshot' inspiration
- add a filter and a doodle and text and bam!

We had them printed as postcards which I thought would be fun but also because the idea of cards and envelope just adds more work!

Which reminds me, this year (well, last) was the first time we sent out Christmas cards to everyone - you know - like grownups. It was my sneaky plan to collect all the addresses of everyone I wanted to send our wedding party announcement to.  (remember we knew since November we'd be getting married!) Also - I bought teeny chocolate bars for every single card ! It was a long and pricey process but I loved every minute of it! And look forward to doing so again This year (our first xmas card as married folk - teehee! I'm such a newlywed still.)

the GOOD Bridgehead Fair Trade kinda chocolate ;)

I just went through all our Christmas photos which now makes me want to do a Christmas post even though it's spring (but let me tell the weather continues to feel like Christmas unfortunately! (not including our ONE freak hot day this week)


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