Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A Yurtin' Tradition

We spent this long easter weekend at Lac Phillipe - two nights at the Wanakiwan yurt we stayed at last year - remember? Trying to make it a yearly tradition around my birthday (which is actually this weekend coming up - the 26th :) It also represents the long awaited "spring thaw" to me!
So we stayed two nights (instead of one night like last year) which meant more food & water - which ended up making the 3.5 km hike in pretty much torture - We definitely learned our lesson the hard way!

Otherwise it was a blissful weekend - who doesn't love un-plugging (taking pics and vid doesn't count right? ;) and connecting with nature once in a while? food food food, reading, naps, woodsmoke is my favourite scent - and I saw a BlueJay yay! Took some video because I've been having sooo much fun with iMovie these days - here is our weekend - in a nutshell!  The hubbs doesn't like the song I chose but come on! It's from the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack circa 1996 -_-


1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh, cutest video EVER! Loved it :) (and I really like your song choice too ;)
    And I still think your play and scroll idea is the best!!