Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Our Vaycay - Wedding Vid!

This was so much fun to make ! This was my first 'video editing' experience (using iMovie and not including the ol' 'two VCRs editing) and now I'm hooked ! I just made a video of our Yurt weekend (see last post :)

If you want to run off and git hitched 'just the two of you' I highly recommend!
Shout out to Sunset at the Palms resort for making it all so easy peasy :)

I hope the White Stripes and First Aid Kit don't mind me using their songs! (Fbook would not let me upload video for this reason - eep!)  Also I still can't watch the last half of this and not get all teary (!)


  1. So pretty much I don't think you two could get any more adorable!


  2. This is the first time I was able to see it because we finally got a computer. I cried too! You two look so blissful and happy. Miss you and thanks for being in my life

    1. Yayy finally ! I'm still not happy with it (heh) I accidentally left some audio in at the end..I LOVE IT but see more edits in the future (classic me ;) Miss you too Love!